UX Design Case Study

City Cycles

As part of the Skillcrush UX class, I was tasked with improving the user experience of an existing website for City Cycles. This company provides bike rentals for locals and tourists alike. Their goal was to increase their online ordering system, allowing them to work more efficiently on in-store bike repairs, along with professional customer service. Through my experience in UX design, I offered a strategy to help improve the existing website.


City Cycles

The Problem

When visiting the original City Cycles website, the process for reserving a bike was not only difficult but confusing. The customer is cannot proceed with the reservation until they click on the “Online Call Ahead” button.

Once clicking the “Online Call Ahead” button, another page of information opens. A link to reserve your bike is provided that opens the user’s email.


City Cycles

My Role

My role in this project involved improving the user experience (UX) of the existing City Cycles website. Throughout this UX project, my job included completing the following tasks:


Ideating solutions for the users’ problems or pain point


Conducting user interviews


Creating a
user flow


Ideating solutions
for users’ problem or pain point


Ideating solutions for the users’ problems or pain point

City Cycles

My Approach

1. Gathering UX research from interviewing users by conducting surveys and reviewing google analytics.

2. Qualitative data was collected from journey maps, user personas, and user interviews.

3. Quantitative data was collected from website analytics data, and survey results.

City Cycles

Key Findings

After performing research, collecting data, and analyzing the results, these are the key findings:

Users find the online reservation process frustrating and annoying. They feel misled from clicking the reserve button and being followed up with an email page.

City Cycles


After ideating some potential solutions to the users’ problems and pain points, I decided to move forward with the following idea:

Create an easier online reservation process by adding a button in the navbar, and a link in the home page header. Instead of having multiple pages that lead to a link.

City Cycles


Based upon the results of my usability test, I proposed the following next step(s):

For the next steps, I believe adding a lock and more information about a secured payment would help the user feel safe when reserving a bike online. In the future, I recommend adding local bike routes for out-of-town visitors. View Prototype.

City Cycles


The biggest challenge or obstacle I faced during this UX project was: Keeping up speed when it came to writing notes during interviews. I overcame this by asking the user if they don’t mind me recording the interview for my personal notes. The lessons I learned from this UX project included: Empathizing with the user and finding out the pain points to a project. Also that it is very important to have clear labeling and easy to navigate website.