Prepress Design

Engaging Neighbourhoods

The DWCC is a community of neighbours and friends who are committed to sharing in the ongoing renewal of downtown Windsor. They focus on initiatives that bring people out of isolation and connect them into a loving community.

The DWCC had a fundraising event. They needed a booklet put together to show the speakers and hold additional pages inside.

Tight Sketch

Prepress Design

The Process

I wanted the cover of the booklet to illustrate a neighborhood and have people interact with each other. I started by sketching out a few ideas.

After coming up with the sketch, I scanned my artwork and brought it into illustrator. Once the linework was vectorized, I brought it into photoshop to add colours.


Illustration / Prepress Design

The Final Design

Overall, the design for Bliss Skateboard Shop was a lot of fun. I was able to learn new techniques in illustrator and learn a new style as well.